This is a list of rivers in India. Rivers that flow into the sea are sorted geographically, along the coast starting from the Bay of Bengal in the east moving along the Indian coast southward till Kanyakumari and moving northward along the Arabian Sea. Rivers that flow into other rivers are sorted by the proximity of their points of union to the sea (the lower in the list, the more upstream). To identify some river, names of districts or States are also given. An alphabetical list of rivers in India is given at the end.

The major rivers of India flow into the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. The major rivers of India are:

  • flowing into the Bay of Bengal: Bramhaputra, Ganges ( with its tributaries Yamuna, Gomti, Chambal) , Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Cavery ( and their main tributaries )
  • flowing into the Arabian Sea: Indus, Narmada, Tapti (and their main tributaries )

The remaining rivers are:

  • flowing into the inner part of India.
  • many coastal rivers which are arranged as per Indian States

The list has to be arranged as per above.

Rivers flowing into Bay of Bengal[]

  • Karnaphuli River from Mizoram and Bangladesh
  • Meghna River from India and Bangladesh
    • Titas River in Tripura
      • Haora River in Agartala

Brahmaputra River Basin[]

  • Brahmaputra River
    • Teesta River
      • Rangeet River
      • Lachen River
      • Lachung River
    • Darla River in Bangladesh
      • Jaldhaka in Sikkim and West Bengal

Ganga River Basin[]

  • Ganges River
    • Hoogli River (distributary)
      • Damodar River
      • Rupnarayan River
      • Churni River
    • Meghna River (distributary)
    • Padma River (distributary)
    • Budhi Gandak
    • Kosi River
    • Gandak at Patna
    • Son River
      • Koel River
      • Rihand River
    • Ghaghara River (Gogra) or Karnali River in Nepal
    • Yamuna River
      • Ban Ganga River
      • Betwa River
        • Dhasan River
        • Halali River
        • Kaliasote River
      • Sindh River
        • Kwari River
        • Pahuj River in Bhind District Madhya Pradesh
      • Chambal River
        • Banas River
          • Berach River
            • Ahar River
        • Kali Sindh River
        • Parbati River (Madhya Pradesh)
        • Shipra River in Ujjain
      • Gambhir River
        • Parbati River (Rajasthan)
    • Gomti River
    • Mahananda River
    • Mahakali River
    • Bhagirathi River
    • Alaknanda River

West Bengal Coastal Rivers[]

  • Subarnarekha river
    • Kharkai River

Mahanadi River Basin[]

  • Mahanadi River
    • Brahmani River
      • South Koel River near Rourkela
      • Sankh River

Orissa Coastal Rivers[]

Godavari River Basin[]

  • lame river in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra states
    • Kolab River in Orissa State
    • Indravati River in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra State and also in Chhattisgarh state
      • Bandiya River in Gadchiroli
    • Pranhita River in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra State and also in Andhra Pradesh state
      • Dina River in Gadchiroli
      • Wainganga River in Gadchiroli, Chandrapur, Nagpur, Bhandara, Gondiya districts of Maharashtra state and Balaghat District of Madhya Pradesh State
        • Sati River in Gadchiroli
          • Khobragadi River in Gadchiroli
            • Teepa River in Gadchiroli
        • Chulband River in Bhandara, Gondiya districts of Maharashtra state
        • Kanhan River in Nagpur
          • Nag River in Nagpur
          • Pench River in Nagpur
          • Kolhar River in Nagpur
        • Sur River in Bhandara, Nagpur districts of Maharashtra state
        • Bawanthadi River in Bhandara
        • Wagh River in Gondiya
      • Wardha River in Chandrapur, Yavatmal, Wardha, Nagpur, Amravati
        • Penganga River in Andhra Pradesh state and Chandrapur, Yavatmal, Nanded, Hingoli, Washim and Buldhana districts of Maharashtra State
          • Vidarbha River, Yavatmal in Yavatmal
          • Khuni River in Yavatmal
          • Waghadi River in Yavatmal
          • Arunavati River in Yavatmal, Washim
            • Adaan River in Yavatmal, Washim
          • Kayadhu River in Nanded, Hingoli
        • Vena River in Wardha, Nagpur districts of Maharashtra state
          • Pothara River in Wardha
            • Lai River in Wardha
          • Bor River in Wardha, Nagpur districts of Maharashtra state
        • Yashoda River in Wardha
          • Dham River in Wardha
          • Bhakalee River in Wardha
        • Ramganga River in Yavatmal
        • Bembala River in Yavatmal, Amravati, Washim districts of Maharashtra state
        • Vidarbha River, Amravati in Amravati
        • Charghad River in Amravati and Madhya Pradesh State
        • Maad River in Amravati and Madhya Pradesh State
            • Adaan River in Yavatmal, Washim
    • Manjra River in Bidar district of Karnataka State, Nizamabad district of Andhra Pradesh and Nanded, Latur, Osmanabad, Beed districts of Maharashtra State
      • Manhaad River in Nanded, Latur
      • Lendi River in Nanded, Latur
      • Terna River in Osmanabad, Latur
      • Tavarja River In Latur
      • Karanja River in Bidar, Latur
        • Devani River in Latur, Bidar
    • Kadakpurna River in Parbhani, Hingoli, Buldhana, Aurangabad districts of Maharashtra state
      • Dudhna River in Parbhani, Jalna, Aurangabad
      • Kelna River in Jalna, Aurangabad
      • Girija River in Jalna, Aurangabad
    • Kapra River in Parbhani district of Maharashtra state
    • Sindfana River in Beed
      • Bindusara River in Beed
    • Kham River in Aurangabad
    • Shivna River in Aurangabad
    • Pravara River in Ahmednagar
      • Mula River, Ahmednagar in Ahmednagar
    • Kadwa River in Nashik
    • Darna River in Nashik district of Maharashtra state

Krishna River Basin[]

  • Krishna River
    • Tungabhadra River
      • Vedavathi River
      • Tunga River
      • Bhadra River
    • Malaprabha River
    • Ghataprabha River
    • Bhima River
      • Sina River in Solapur, Osmanabad, Beed, Ahmednagar districts of Maharashtra state
      • Nira River in Pune, Satara
        • Karha River
        • Bhatghar River
      • Ghod River
        • Kukadi River
      • Mula Mutha River at Pune district of Maharashtra state
        • Mutha River
        • Mula River, India
          • Pavana River in Pune
      • Indrayani River
      • Bhama River
    • Dudhganga River
    • Panchganga River in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra state
    • Warna River
    • Yerla River
    • Koyna River in Satara district of Maharashtra state

Andhra Pradesh Coastal Rivers[]

Penner River Basin[]

  • Penner River

Kaveri River Basin[]

  • Kaveri River (Kaveri)
    • Kollidam (distributary)
    • Amaravati River
    • Arkavathy River
    • Bhavani River
    • Hemavati River
    • Kabini River

Tamilnadu Coastal Rivers[]

  • Cooum River
  • Adyar River
  • Palar River
  • Ponnaiyar River
  • Vaigai River

Rivers flowing into Arabian Sea[]

Kerala Coastal Rivers[]

See also List of rivers in Kerala

  • Chaliyar River
  • Periyar River
    • Chalakkudy River
  • Bharathapuzha River
    • Thuthapuzha
    • Gayathripuzha
    • Kalpathipuzha
    • Kannadipuzha
  • Pamba River
    • Achankovil River
  • Payaswini
  • Meenachil River
  • Kodoor River

Karnataka Coastal Rivers[]

  • Nethravathi River
  • Sharavathi River
  • Aghanashini River

Goa Costal Rivers[]

  • Zuari River
  • Mandovi River

Maharashtra Coastal Rivers[]

  • Shastri River
  • Gad River
  • Vashishti River
  • Savitri River
  • Patalganga River
  • Ulhas River
    • Thane Creek (distributary)
    • Vasai Creek (distributary)
  • Mithi River or Mahim River
  • Oshiwara River
  • Dahisar River
  • Tansa River in Thane
  • Vaitarna River
  • Surya River

Gujarat Coastal Rivers[]

  • Daman Ganga River
  • Luni River
  • West Banas River

Tapti River Basin[]

Tapti River and its tributaries

  • Tapti River in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
    • Gomai River in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra
    • Arunavati River in Dhule district of Maharashtra
    • Panzara River in Jalgaon, Dhule districts of Maharashtra
      • Kaan River in Dhule district
    • Aner River in Jalgaon, Dhule districts
    • Girna River in Nashik, Malegaon, Jalgaon districts
      • Titur River in Jalgaon district
    • Waghur River in Jalgaon, Aurangabad districts
    • Purna River in Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Jalgaon, Navsari districts of Gujarat, Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh
      • Nalganga River in Buldhana district
      • Vaan River in Buldhana, Akola, Amravati districts of Maharashtra
      • Morna River in Akola, Washim districts
      • Katepurna River in Akola, Washim districts
      • Umaa River in Akola, Washim districts
    • Sangiya River in Amravati district of Maharashtra

Narmada River Basin[]

  • Narmada River
    • Kolar River in Sehore
    • Barna River in Raisen
    • Hiren River
    • Tawa River
    • Burhner River

Mahi River Basin[]

  • Mahi River
    • Som River
      • Gomati River

Sabarmati River Basin[]

  • Sabarmati River
    • Wakal River
    • Sei River

Indus River Basin[]

  • Indus River
    • Panjnad River
      • Sutlej River
        • Beas River
          • Parbati River (Himachal Pradesh)
      • Chenab River
        • Ravi River
        • Jhelum River

Rivers flowing into inner part of India[]

  • Ghaggar River in Haryana,Rajasthan
  • Musi River at Hyderabad, India

Alphabetical list[]

Incomplete List River,


Achankovil River, Adyar River, Ahar River, Aner River, Alaknanda River, Amaravati River, Arkavathy River,

Ban Ganga River, Badiya River, Banas River, Bavanthadi River, Beas River, Berach River, Betwa River, Bhagirathi River, Bharathapuzha River, Bhavani River, Bhima River,Brahmani River, Brahmaputra River, Budhi Gandak

Chalakkudy River, Chaliyar River, Chambal River, Chenab River, Cooum,

Daman Ganga River, Damodar River, Dhasan River, Dudhana River,


Ganges River, Gambhir River, Gandak, Gayathripuzha, Ghaggar River, Ghaghara River, Girija River,Girna River, Godavari River, Gomti River,

Halali River, Haora River, Hoogli River


Indus River, Indravati River,

Jaldhaka, Jhelum River,

Kabini River, Kali Sindh River, Kaliasote River, Kalpathipuzha, Kanhan River, Kannadipuzha, Karnaphuli River, Kaveri River, Kelna River, Khadakpurna River, Kodoor River, Koel River, Kolab River, Kollidam River, Kosi River, Koyna River, Krishna River,

Lachen River, Lachung River, Luni River,


Mahanadi River, Mahananda River, Mahakali River, Mahi River, Mandovi River, Meenachil River, Meghna River, Mithi River, Mula River,Musi River, Mutha River,

Narmada River, Nethravathi River,

Palar River,Pahuj River, Panjnad River, Panzara River, Parbati River (Himachal Pradesh), Parbati River (Madhya Pradesh), Parbati River (Rajasthan), Payaswini, Pench River, Penner River, Periyar River, Ponnaiyar River, Pranhita River, Purna River,


Rangeet River, Ravi River, Rihand River, Rupnarayan River,

Sabarmati River, Sankh River, Sharavathi River, Shipra River, Sindh River, Son River, South Koel River, Subarnarekha river, Sutlej River, Surya River,

thamarabarani river , Tansa River, Tapti River, Tawa River, Teesta River, Thuthapuzha, Tunga River, Tungabhadra River,


Vaan River, Vaigai River, Vashishti River, Vedavathi River, Vaippar River

Ulhas River,

Wainganga River, Wagh River, Wardha River, West Banas River,


Yamuna River,

Zuari River,

Unsorted list by Tributary[]

Here are unsorted list of the rivers in India, some with their tributaries and distributaries.

  • Kajala River

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