Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. It is possible to link to articles on Wikipedia using this syntax [[Wikipedia:Name of Wikipedia artice|link on WaterWiki]]. Doing so allows the reader to consult further information on a subject. However it also results in them going from this site to Wikipedia. So use such links sparingly. It is also possible to import articles from Wikipedia. Such articles require considerable editing however. Wikipedia articles contain numerous links to subjects which do not belong here as they do not relate to water resources. They also contain categories and links to Wikipedia articles in other languages. At the bottom of an article imported from Wikipedia place this notice:

'Original content adapted from the [[Wikipedia]] article "[name of Wikipedia article]" [url of Wikipedia article]'

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As Wikipedia uses the same software as WaterWiki it can be useful to consult the help pages there with respect to syntax problems which arise here, see Wikipedia:Category:Wikipedia help. Wikia help is at Wikia:Category:Help.

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